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Hello, I’m Niamh

UX & Product Lead

I design great user experiences that deliver business needs.

Product Design Lead

  • Leading innovation projects through design
  • Continuous discovery & testing
  • UI & content design
  • Agile backlog prioritisation
  • Alignment through Design Thinking
  • Startup experience

UX Research

  • Scalable UX Research roadmaps
  • Blend of qualitative & qualitative methods
  • End-to-end research study execution
  • Customer needs to actionable insights
  • Cognitive Science grounding
  • Data-collection and analysis

Leadership & Management

  • Led e-learning design team of 12+
  • Finding and hiring people with the right skills
  • Collaborative relationship building
  • Scalable design processes 
  • Design strategy & OKRs
  • Mentorship, advocacy and training

Projects I’ve Led

Aspen Grove Solutions – Product Innovation

Borrower Engagement

The challenge: How get borrowers help with their loans when they need it, and help banks automate complex mortgage assistance processes.

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Aspen Grove Solutions – Product Innovation

Home Maintenance Journey

The challenge: Designing a “killer-app” feature that offers real value and help to homeowners.

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Aspen Grove Solutions – Product Innovation

Zippity Dashboard

The challenge: How to encourage users to visit their home-care dashboard frequently while simplifying content for mobile-first design.

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